Hi, I’m Tom.

I created Tomzyard because I wanted a brand that reflected the tranquillity and thrill that my garden brings.  From the best barbecues known to man, to staying up all night with a completely responsible garden rave ;), I have so many sick memories associated with my yard. I also wanted to put my artwork on a medium that people could wear but that’s not the point.

Tomzyard is a place to switch off and just be yourself without a care in the world.  I feel like everyone needs a place to gather their thoughts or just completely forget about everything going on in their life.  Sometimes you just need to RELAX YOURSELF and Tomzyard is the perfect place to do that.  I have many exciting adventures planned for Tomzyard and I would love for you to follow me along this exciting  journey.

Life is all about having a laugh at the end of the day and as you can see in the photo, my dad is thoroughly enjoying himself.

Thanks, Tom – Tomzyard.



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